I felt very safe and comfortable. Bill really knows the musculoskeletal system. I went in barely able to walk straight and I went out walking more normally. Thank you!

Armida H.

Extremely professional and great knowledge! My go to place for relaxation... Great prenatal Massages as well! I rate it a 10 every-time!

Ginger P.

Bill was amazing! I'm very picky about massage therapists and I was extremely impressed with his work. Both my husband and I are heavily involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding and he was able to help diagnose and correct problems we'd had for months. I would very much recommend him!

Lorren D.

I came in with shoulder & neck pain & stiffness that i had been dealing with the past week. Mr Bill worked his magic fingers and im feeling MUCH better! i can turn my neck! im so thankful for finding Bill & for sharing his knowledge & tips! Thank U! I will definately recommend him to all my friends & family.

Yvette L.

I have been working behind a desk for 11 years, traveled all over America for work, and I am a young mother of 3 girls. I can't even begin to explain to you the pain that I've been in for countless years; stabbing, burning, inflammation, loss of movement, headaches, sleepless nights, and so much more. The pain has stolen my joy at times, taken time from my family and friends, and has keep me from sleeping at night; however, this man that I barely know within an hour took the pain from me. I am completely at a loss for words. I don't even know how to say thank you. You can call his hands magic or a miracle, but I will call them the hands of God. I know that I have been praying for healing for a long time, and today God answered my prayers. Bill is an amazing person, he answered my call quickly, explained everything to me in great detail, and truly cared and sincerely wanted to make my pain go away. I will never be able to truly show him how grateful I am. After my appt with him, I came home and my normal clouded judgment/mind was gone, I was painless, joyful, and able to play, dance, and sing with my 3 little girls without hurting for once in my life. I haven't felt this great in YEARS!!! I seriously want to cry happy tears! Thank you Bill!!!!! You have earned a customer for life, and I will share the good news with everyone I know.

Melisa M.

If you're reading the reviews and think it's too good to be true, change your thoughts! Bill knows what he is doing. I arrived in much pain that had been building up for weeks. It was difficult to get out of bed, start walking, and the thought of touching my toes in a stretch was in the "impossible" realm. One hour with Bill ... trusting him and his techniques resulted in me practically jumping up off the bed with no pain left. I felt as if I could do a marathon at that moment. I have continued the stretching he showed me and the pain has not returned. I look forward to my next appointment to work on my neck and shoulders...I'm hoping that stops the headaches!! If you hurt ... go see this guy ... he's much better than all the "quick fix" pills out there! Deborah


Bill has helped me so much with recovery for athletics as well as overall personal wellness. If you play a sport or are looking to improve your health this is the place to go. It is a relaxing environment and I look forward to my appointments. Bill provides top notch service every time I see him! This has helped my prolong and enhance my football career, drastically improving my range of motion as an athlete.

Luke S.

Great experience! I tweeked my back on a Friday evening and Bill got me in on short notice. I came out moving and feeling so much better! He definitely knows what he's doing and I would recommend him to anyone. He even even followed up with me that evening. That says a lot!

Anna-Lissa G.

He was amazing. He has the hands of a god. I was visiting from the east coast and I found him online. He had great reviews therefore I wanted to try him out. I was not disappointed with this decision. He is professional and focuses on your problem areas or any area of the body where you may have any pain. He has such a positive attitude and is a very friendly person. I highly recommend him to EVERYONE. I wish I lived much closer to continue to use his services.

Jewel P.

I highly recommend it for any athlete. I've been taking my son for the past two years now and has done wonders for him. We are very pleased with his massaging and stretching techniques. He also does an excellent job educating my son on the importance of stretching properly. Thank you Bill!

Adan S.

The first thing Bill did for me was repair my hip after a cycling crash - I was a mess and could hardly sit or stand, but he had me back functioning in no time.
Then he nursed me through therapy and healing after double knee replacement, so that I can do anything I dream of. I think of it as my second chance life.
And lately Bill has restored movement and strength in my right shoulder, injured because I fell on it and didn't take the damage seriously soon enough.
I see him regularly, and will continue to do so, to keep moving through life.
Thanks, Bill, for taking great care of me.

Berry S.

I have been a steady customer for over a year now. I sit at a desk in front of a computer all day, so neck and shoulders are always out-of-whack. Bill's level of expertise is top-notch and his therapy work is not just a 'quick fix' but a process to get the body back in alignment. Definitely one of the best - I highly recommend!

Annette S.

By FAR one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to. Working in the sports medicine industry as an athletic trainer I have worked with many many massage therapists. Therefore I am very picky when it comes to getting a massage. This man know his stuff and works wonders!

Jessica R.

I've had lower back pain in the past but over the past 6 weeks it's been unbearable. I have 2 small children and am quite active so it's been difficult to do the things I love. I've been to a chiropractor 3 times and was considering getting an MRI but I heard about Bill. I just got done with my appointment and I have no words. It is NOT your run of the mill massage. It's stretching and lengthening and educating and massage and it's wonderful. I already booked my next appointment. Thank you Bill!

Megan P.

Bill has been providing our employee chair massages for years now. He is the reliable and very good at what he does.

Corey S.

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